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Shaul Bar-Lev // שאול בר-לב

The Kitchen

Before & After

Full commercial

Directed by: Tal Almog and Ofer Aloni
Producer: Micol Pietra
Editor: Omri Bar Zeev
DP: Shai Parag
AC: Shaul Bar-Lev
Additional Videography: Tal Somech
VFX: Shaul Bar-Lev and Tal Almog
Sound Design: Doron Plascow
Drone Operator: Daniel Chernenkov
Waitress: Micol Pietral
Guy At Restaurant: Ofer Regirer
Girl At Restaurant: Libee Tenenboim
Cook: Ofer Aloni
Grampa: Miri Regirer
Grandma: Gideon Brener